Systemwide Family Friendly Policy Announcements

UC is committed to supporting faculty and staff who need time off to care for a family member or to bond with a new child. The following policies are in support of this goal.

UC Family Friendly Policies for Staff Employees

The University of California has established policies to express its commitment to a workplace culture supportive of family care-giving responsibilities.

Time off for baby bonding

The federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act allow up to 12 work weeks of leave to bond with your newborn or newly adopted child. If your leave qualifies under both statutes, it runs concurrently under both.

UC will continue to pay its portion of benefits premiums while you are on leave. You may use any amount of vacation days or unpaid leave and up to 30 days of sick leave for this purpose. See the Absence from Work policy and Pregnancy, Newborn Child and Adopted Child Fact Sheet for details.

Time off for a child’s school activities

You may take up to 40 hours per year (maximum of eight hours per month) for your child’s school activities. See the Absence from Work policy for details.

Family care leave

You may take up to 12 work weeks in a calendar year to care for yourself or an ill family member with a Family and Medical Leave. See the Absence from Work policy and the Family and Medical Leave Fact Sheet for more information.

You may use up to 30 days of sick leave to care for ill family members or others residing in your household not covered by Family and Medical Leave.

UC Santa Barbara Employee Services

Employee Services is all about supporting your overall well-being. Through our programs, we provide a variety of services and resources that will help you address different life events that may impact your health, family and/or workplace. We are here for you and committed to helping you thrive at UCSB.


Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP)

  • Counseling
  • Consultation
  • Threat Assessment and Management
  • Behavioral Health and Wellness Services


  • Benefits Education
  • Open Enrollment
  • Reduced Fee Enrollment

Health Care Facilitator

  • Help with navigating / accessing care
  • Assistance with claims/billing issues
  • Coordination with Medicare

​Leave Administration (Staff Only)

  • Medical Leaves
  • Pregnancy and Parental Leaves
  • Leave to Care for a Family Member
  • Non-Medical Leaves of Absence

Worklife Resources

Workplace Accommodations

  • Assistance with Disability-related Limitations
  • Modified Job Duties
  • Modified Work Schedules